An Armitron skeleton watch is a low priced high end ceramic watch; which means you have to pay very little for these ceramic watches, but you will get excellent support from these ceramic watches in return. It is really difficult to find a good watch in as low price as hundred dollars. But the Armitron ceramic watch is quite an exception. Of course, you are not going to get features like a tachometer or world timer, or get materials like gold or platinum in these watches, but they are good enough to support with the timing feature for a very long time. In addition to that, you will get the date function in an automatic watch. That is not very little to get in a hundred dollar priced timepiece. Because of the automatic movement structure, the Armitron ceramic watch does not have a battery which makes them longer lasting. Beside, you don’t have to worry about changing the battery in case it runs out of life in a place where you will not have any battery store. The self winding movement of these ceramic watches will generate power itself according to your body movement. The Armitron skeleton watch is mostly made of stainless steel which is very strong. The steel is used in case and in bracelet of the Armitron skeleton ceramic watches. However, some models of the Armitron skeleton watch come with rubber or leather straps.

Another great fact about the Armitron skeleton watch is the crystal that is used in the case is totally scratch proof. So if you want to climb up a mountain, you don’t have to worry about making scratch in your watch. Both of these scratch resistivity and steel case is also found in some of the best performing watches in the world. So with an Armitron skeleton watch, you won’t have to be behind much from these watches. In addition to these features, the Armitron skeleton watch collections are usually water resistant for over hundred feet depth; which is even hardly found in the high ranked watches unless they are designed to work under the water. Some models of the Armitron ceramic watch are featured with a chronograph. With all of these features and functions, the Armitron skeleton ceramic watch becomes one of the best watch brands in the world within a very low price range. In terms of design, the Armitron skeleton watch has a large collection. The watches from this brand can be found in silver, white, black and many other colors. The dial is also designed with different combinations of different colors. As the nature of the skeleton watch, you can see the internal mechanism of the Armitron ceramic watches. As I said before, the strap of the Armitron skeleton watch is available in metal, rubber and leather, depending on the model. The Armitron skeleton watch is designed for both men and women with different case size. If you need to find a well performed watch within a lower price that you can wear in almost every social occasion as well as in daily life use, the Armitron ceramic watches are probably the best options for you.

If you are looking for a skeleton watch, the mechanical skeleton watches would be the best thing to look at. In a skeleton watch, you can see the inside mechanism thorough the case back or the dial. This transparent dial or case back is made with highly sensitive glass which is scratch resistant and does not have any effect of shock, vibration and hard hitting. Looking through this transparent glass is fun for sure; but that does not make the mechanical skeleton watch a less performer than any other watch. Instead, being a mechanical watch, the mechanical skeleton ceramic watches have the advantage of including fully functional features like all other mechanical watches. The mechanical skeleton watches are totally based on the automatic mechanical movement. This makes them an excellent choice for those customers who like this traditional mechanism over the quartz movement. Mechanical movement is the oldest watch technology that has been used since the starting of the watch industry. The highly sensitive parts of this mechanism work together to create a nice rhythm that runs the watches. In a mechanical skeleton watch you can see this magnificent parts working in harmony.The basic design of the mechanical skeleton ceramic watches is the same in all models as one side is kept transparent. However, along with that, it is frequently seen that the designers bring out new concepts for the mechanical skeleton watches. For example, the chronograph is a very common feature in the mechanical skeleton watches. The sub dial of the chronograph looks very innovative on the raw background of the mechanical skeleton ceramic watch. This gives a tough look to the wearer as well as making the mechanical skeleton ceramic watches a very practical tool.

The price of the mechanical skeleton watches varies over a wide choice. You can get these ceramic watches with a very low price; as low as less than hundred dollars. On the other side, there are some exclusive mechanical skeleton watches which will cost you over several hundred thousand dollars. So the choice is yours. However, the low priced watches are not always the worst one. You can even find some excellent original Swiss watches within the hundred dollar range. Although, the features and functions of a mechanical skeleton watch depend on the price, you can easily get a multi functional superb ceramic watch with few hundred dollars. The super high priced luxury mechanical skeleton ceramic watches are because of the expensive materials like diamonds that have been used in these watches. If you have no problem in wearing a mechanical skeleton watch without any precious material, you can buy a less costly watch which can serve you for a long time with some adventurous features. There are many brands including some well known brands that produce mechanical skeleton watch and you can find them in your local stores. They are also available in the online stores. Wearing a mechanical skeleton watch is a good choice. The cool looking mechanical skeleton ceramic watches will bring a new dimension in your appearance while offering you their perfect timing service within a reasonable price.

The automatic skeleton watch is an excellent choice for the users who like adventurous look in their ceramic watches. The automatic ceramic watch is also a fun watch with innovative structural concept. Like all other skeleton watches, these are also designed with either transparent dial or transparent case back. But whatever format the designers use, in the automatic skeleton watch, the user can look at the mechanism of the watch through the transparent side of the ceramic watch. The best thing about the automatic skeleton watch is it mechanism. The skeleton ceramic watches are available in both mechanical and quartz structure. But the mechanical or the automatic skeleton watch has more demand in the market over the quartz skeleton watches. The reason for that is the automatic skeleton watch has much more interesting mechanism. Also these watches have wider features and functions. And above all, the automatic skeleton watch has much better design and interface.

The automatic skeleton watch is created by many high ranked ceramic watches companies as well as many others mid level brands. Brands like Patek Philippe, Swatch, Breguet, Tissot Le Locle and Armitron manufacture the automatic skeleton watch. Even the number one watch company in the world, Rolex, even produced skeleton watches many years back. Although they stopped this series after a few years, these ceramic watches are still notable for their exclusivity. Also, there are some luxury brands that keep a part in the dial open to see any special mechanism in their watch. The automatic skeleton watch has everything like other automatic ceramic watches for women. The features like chronograph and date window are included in these watches but in such a manner that they can easily be separated from the background. The most interesting thing about the automatic skeleton watch is as it is transplant; the watch has to use a scratch resistant glass against the regular sapphire crystal of the normal watches. The glass has to make in such a way that it does not store any sign of graze while protecting the internal mechanism from dust, shock, vibration and any other possible accidents.

The price of the automatic skeleton and ceramic watch is usually high. But there are some brands that offer some of the lowest priced automatic skeleton watch with excellent quality. This low priced automatic skeleton watch can serve the user for many years and the automatic watch does not depend on the battery, you don’t have to worry about that. Even if a side of the automatic skeleton watch is totally open to see the inside, the other parts of the watch can be made with costly materials like gold and platinum. However, they are mostly used in the collectors’ editions. The automatic skeleton watch is fun to use as well as they can be used for serious purpose. The automatic ceramic watch can be bought for daily life use as well as for outdoor use. But whatever your reason is wearing an automatic skeleton watch can surely give you a different look from the others.